• Dear Scholars, Parents/Guardians and the Michael R. White STEM Family,


    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Michael R. White STEM. I am again thrilled to be the leader of such a wonderful school community. This is an exciting time to be at Michael R. White STEM. Our theme this year “EXCELLENCE THROUGH INNOVATION". In order to achieve our theme, we must maintain high expectations for ourselves and others, let go of attitudes and behaviors that hamper us from accomplishing our goals and press forward toward the mark of EXCELLENCE.

    As your principal, it is my responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing environment of mindful active scholars, where all are valued and appreciated for what they can bring to the classroom, school and community. This atmosphere will focus on the highest potential of each scholar and will foster an enthusiasm for life-long learning. In order for this to become a reality, we need your help. Parent involvement is a very important aspect of every child’s education and is the primary factor in a scholar’s success in school. We encourage you to become a part of this exciting year at Michael R. White STEM!

    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math will play a vital role in our scholar’s academic success this school year. There are several student computers located in every classroom including the library. It is my goal to bring additional resources to afford our scholars the ability to convey concepts in new ways that otherwise might not be possible.

    Michael R. White STEM is a Dress Code SchoolDRESS CODE WILL BE MONITORED AND RECORDED DAILY. Parents will be notified immediately if their child(ren) come to school out of uniform. Scholars who do not wear proper dress code will receive consequences for failing to adhere to the school’s culture.

    In closing, I once again want to welcome you as we continue this journey to an excellent, exciting, successful and productive school year at Michael R. White STEM.




    Ariel A. Hayes


    Michael R. White STEM