• The students in IED class learned about what the engineers do. They learned about what the different types of engineering are and the specific tools used by engineers during this course.  Over the first semester we covered the design process, technical sketching, measurement & statistics and modeling.

    Design process provides a foundation for engineering knowledge and professional practices that will be used throughout this course. Students developed skills such as concept sketching, setting up, and maintaining an engineering notebook and portfolio.  Students have developed visualizing, communicating, exploring and documenting ideas during this semester. Students have learned basic rules of technical sketching and developed an understanding of measurement and statistics. Students will apply what they have learned through....

    • Reading engineering and mechanical scales
    • Converting measurements between US customary and SI units
    • Applying correct dimensional techniques to technical drawing
    • Recording data with proper precision

    Students learned how to create a product from conception to reality and employ a variety of modeling techniques.  They also committed to graduating from Garrett Morgan in four years.  Check out the pictures!