What is the Campus International School?

    The Campus International School is a public school developed by Cleveland State University (CSU) and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD).

    Where are the campuses located?

    The North campus K-4 building is located at 3100 Chester Avenue. The entrance to the parking lot is located on East 30th between Chester and Euclid. The South Campus 5-8 building is located at 3000 Euclid Avenue. The entrance to the parking lot is located on Prospect Avenue, just east of East 30th street.

    What grade levels are included in the Campus International School?

    For the 2016-2017 school year, the school will have Kindergarten through 8th grade levels. The school will add an additional grade each year. Over time, Campus International will expand into a K-12 school.

    Who is eligible to attend the Campus International School?

    Kindergarten through 8th grade school age children. Sixty-five percent of CIS students are Cleveland residents. Twenty percent of CIS students are the children of full-time CSU faculty, staff or students and fifteen percent of CIS students are non-residents.

    Is tuition required to attend Campus International?

    No. Campus International is a public school. .

    May I visit the school?

    Yes, Campus International conducts regularly scheduled tours. We encourage parents to take a tour before applying to the school. Parents may schedule a tour by calling (216) 838-8000.

    Is before and after school care offered?

    Yes. Before/after school care is offered. However, before and after care is a fee-based service of the YMCA.

    How can I enroll my child in Campus International School?

    Each year, around February, a lottery is conducted. Only students who have applied with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are included in the lottery. We encourage all parents to contact the Campus International School at 216 838-8000 prior to January 15th to receive updated information on how to apply

    If one child is enrolled in Campus International does a sibling automatically get in or does the sibling have to enter the lottery?

    The sibling still has to apply to the district by the lottery date and receive a lottery number. Provided a seat is available in the sibling’s grade, the sibling is automatically accepted. If a seat is not available, then the sibling will be moved to a grade level wait list. Siblings will be ordered on the wait list according to their lottery number.

    How does the lottery work?

    A lottery is conducted on a date determined by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. All students who have applied to a CMSD school are assigned a number based on a computerized lottery. The first twenty percent of the seats are assigned to students who have a full-time affiliation with Cleveland State. The next sixty-five percent of the seats are assigned to Cleveland residents. The remaining fifteen percent of the seats are assigned to non-residents. All students who are not accepted in the initial lottery are placed on grade level wait lists. Parents and guardians are notified in the order of the wait list if a seat becomes available.

    If I went to CSU or if I’m taking a class at CSU am I considered to be a CSU affiliate?

    No, only the children of current full-time students, staff and faculty are considered CSU affiliates.

    Is busing available?

    Yes, but only for Cleveland residents.

    For additional information, please contact the Campus International School at (216) 838-8000.