Here at Adlai Stevenson, we always encourage visitors in our classrooms and hope to see you here on a regular basis, but we must also maintain a safe and instructionally based learning environment for our scholars. With this in mind, all visitors must enter through the front door and report to the front office. In the front office you will be required to sign-in and get a Visitor’s Pass.
    This pass must be affixed to your clothing so that school staff knows you have checked in at the office.
    The office staff will then notify the classroom teacher of your visit and permit you to proceed. When visiting your student’s classes, please realize that our teachers need to give students their undivided attention at all times.
    Adults will not be allowed to wander the halls of the building or hold conferences with teachers during instructional times; they are expected to go only to the location they informed the office about.
    Our doors are always open to visitors, but please call ahead of time to schedule conferences with your child’s teachers. This will prevent interruptions to instruction and the loss of the valuable learning time of our students. If you call (216) 482-2950 and leave a message, teachers will return your call within 24 hours.
    Visitors will be asked to stay off cell phones and refrain from interrupting instruction. Regular visitors will be expected to give a ‘helping hand’ in the classroom as the teacher sees fit.
    When dropping a student off or picking a student up, you will be asked to stay in the office and the student will be escorted to class or will meet you in the office. This will also protect classroom instruction.
    All School visitors will be expected to:
    1. Sign in and out of the front office.
    2. Obtain and wear in a visible area a fully filled out visitor’s pass. 
    3. Declare the location that they are visiting and report directly to that area only and then back to the front office.
    4. Prearrange all classroom visits with the teacher prior to the visit.
    5. Keep all classroom visits to around 15minutes. Any visit longer than this will be used as volunteer time, unless prearranged with the teacher, to help with classroom duties.
    6. All items dropped off for scholars will be left in the main office and be delivered to the classroom for you.
    7. All scholars who are checked in late or check out early will be sent to class or called to the office on their own. Adult guardians will remain in the front office.

    Again, this policy is in placed between 9:30 and 4:00 each day. In the morning, if you are planning on staying past 9:30, you must have a prearranged appointment and will be required to sign in at the front office.

    This policy has been developed in order to help maintain a safe and instructional focused environment at school each day. Any visitor who does not meet these expectations may be asked to leave school grounds.