• Bond Accountability

                       Commission 2, Inc.


    What we do

    Bond Accountability Commission 2 Inc. (the BAC) monitors the construction and renovation program of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the expenditure of $335 million in construction and improvement bonds authorized by Cleveland voters as Issue 14 in May 2001. The BAC, authorized by the CMSD Board of Education, is an independent, non-profit, all-volunteer organization appointed by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

    The Commission’s responsibilities include monitoring: implementation of and revisions to the Facilities Master Plan; contract bidding and awards; construction costs; financing; and community involvement in school planning, construction contracting and construction workforce. The BAC communicates its findings to the community and the Board of Education.

    Contact the BAC:

    • (440) 781-8654
    • bondaccountability@hotmail.com