eSchoolPLUS Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What system are we upgrading?

eSchoolPLUS 2.5 is being upgraded to version 4.1. eSchoolPLUS manages students’ information such as enrollment, scheduling, grades and attendance. It is used by teachers, principals, counselors, parents, medical professional and other operational services.

2. Why are we upgrading?

The district requirements have outpaced the current eSchoolPLUS version. eSchoolPLUS is operating on an outdated platform with limited vendor support, and the upgrade allows us to operate with improved technology.

3. What are the benefits of the upgrade?

This system upgrade provides end users with key benefits such as:

  • Browser and platform neutrality – Use eSchoolPLUS with any supported browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari) on any platform (PC or Mac).
  • Enhanced, modern interface - Provide users with helpful benefits such as drop-down list choices (No need to know the system codes!) and a home page quick search.
  • Enhanced security – Additional system security controls to protect and safeguard student data.

4. When is the new version available?

January 8, 2018.

5. Why are we upgrading in the middle of a school year?

Based on the recommendations from different stakeholders, we decided on the January 2018 date instead of the beginning of the 2017 - 2018 school year. We understand there is no perfect time to upgrade and the January 2018 date provided us is the best time to minimize any disruption to the district activities.

6. Who is affected?

Anyone who has an ID to eSchoolPLUS.

7. Will I be able to perform the same functions in eSchoolPLUS that I do now?

As best as possible, current user security and activities performed today will be equivalent after the upgrade. However, sometimes with an upgrade, there are different processes that may need to be introduced or different permissions granted to users. We plan to minimize changes and make sure any adjustments support your eSchoolPLUS activities.

8. Will I receive training?

Training will be provided using appropriate methods. More information will be shared in the upcoming months.

9. What can I do to help?

Read communications, respond to any requests for information and support the change.

10. Where should I look for information?

Information is communicated throughout the project in various way such as emails and in meetings.

11. Where do I send my questions?


Employee Submitted Questions

Will there be a icon on the desktop as there is now?

Currently, there is no plan to push out icons to users desktops. Users should add the URL as a favorite, for easy access.

Can we use Internet Explorer or do we have to use Chrome?

eSchoolPLUS 4.0 can use IE, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Is it mandatory to complete attendance through eSchool Plus? Can we mark tardies?

Attendance MUST be inputted in eSchoolPLUS, as for tardies I think teachers are taking them now. They need to ask the administration in their schools or the attendance office.

Is it mandatory to input grades/use the gradebook?

No, it is not mandatory, but recommended. Additional training will be provided later in the spring for those who would like to begin using eSchoolPLUS Gradebook.

Can we set it up for semester / year long classes?


Is there access to IEP Plus? How can we get in? Do we have to go through eSchool?

IEPPLUS the same way as they currently do... We have a IEPPlus Link on the CMSD Webpage.

  • On the CMSD webpage you will see the "Staff"tab.
  • Double click on the word staff and you will see Quicklinks.
  • Scroll down until you see the IEPPlus link.
Users can go directly to IEPPlus by using the following URL:

How do you link your district email address to the eSchoolPLUS system?

'Linking an email to eSP' meaning for generating suspension letters ? Admin who have access to suspend should already be tied to the system, the thing is users think their emails are the problem when emails don't generate in time. This is not the issue if that's what the user is getting at.

How do you input parent email addresses to student drawers/profiles?

You can do this from Registration > Demographic > Contacts or simply scroll down the student summary page & click on the lightning bolt icon on the type right of the 'contacts' table.

Every student does not have a section to enter notes, why?

Every student has a notes section. You can access this from the speech bubble located on the top right of the student summary page.

What is the meaning of NMP?

New Marking Period