Issue 107

Mound STEM (PreK-8)

School Stats:

5935 Ackley Road
Cleveland, OH 44105
8:00 a.m. -2:30 p.m.

Velma McNeil

Assistant Principal:
Danielle Hunter 

Ward: 12

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About Our School

Our goal is to ensure every child in the city attends an excellent school and every neighborhood has a multitude of great schools from which families can choose, Cleveland seeks to reinvent our public education system. Our plan is based on an emerging national model that profoundly changes the role of the school district. This approach, or portfolio strategy is showing promising results in cities such as Baltimore, Denver, Hartford, New York and others. In fact, Cleveland is one of 23 school districts involved in the Portfolio School District Network, facilitated by the Center for Reinventing Public Education.
-from The Cleveland Plan
Mound STEM

Details at a glance:

 Year Built: 2011
Mound is an Investment School with a focus on Readiness to Learn.
CMSD is grateful for and proud of our remarkable staff who demonstrate each day how they are Invested in the children of Cleveland.  Please recognize that every professional who signs a Commitment Letter to work in the Investment Schools is truly going “above and beyond” to create new and better learning experiences for children.
Investment School Information
See the Investment Schools page for more information.
Academics (Special Programs)
Environment friendly STEM School, After school tutoring, Experience Corp. Tutors during the school day, John Carrol University tutors, Learning Together tutoring, Accelerated Reader, Study Island, SpringBoard Reading and Math Program, First in Math program, Mondo Reading program, CTAG (Closing the Achievement Gap)
Facilities include:
Art Room, Computer Lab, Portable Computer Lab, Gymnasium, Media Center, Music Room, 2 Playgrounds, Science Lab

Clubs and Activities

Scores Soccer and Poetry, Mock Trial Team, Craft Club, Boys Scout, Browns Play 60 Challenge, Student Leadership Team, Progressive Arts Alliance

Other - Annual STEM Family Fun Day (May 9, 2013), Science Make and Take Nights, Beechbrook Services within the school, Young Authors, SPO, Annual Field Day, Building Leadership Team
  • Third Federal Bank
  • Broadway Slavic Village P-16 coalition
  • ArcelorMittal.
They work collaboratively with the school providing funding for programs and services to support STEM education within our school.

Kindergarten room Dining Area StemFamilyday students