• Office of New and Innovative Schools

    Thank you for visiting the Office of New & Innovative Schools, where we are pleased to share the history of our growing portfolio of high-performing school choices in Cleveland.

    Our portfolio strategy began in 2006, when two major partners—the Cleveland and George Gund Foundations—expressed interest in the start-up and growth of high-performing district schools, each of which would operate in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District under a special memorandum of understanding. That agreement with the Cleveland Teachers Union included the granting of increased autonomy at the building level for hiring and placement of staff, for changes in the school calendar and for the curriculum in each of the proposed schools.

    The Cleveland & Gund Foundations invested over $32 million to launch CMSD’s New & Innovative Schools, directing grant dollars toward new school start ups, district capacity-building, strategic planning, charter school development, and related state and local policy advocacy.

    Nearly all of CMSD’s 14 of New & Innovative Schools began in deep partnership with external organizations and currently have advisory committees. Three of the schools have selective admission criteria.

    Performance results of our New & Innovative Schools remain promising, particularly around graduation rates, college acceptance and college retention rates. Demand for these schools is mixed, with some schools under enrolled and others have waiting lists.

    The number of students with special needs attending our New & Innovative Schools is growing--from 0 to 21.5 percent, and enrollment of our limited English proficient learners is also growing in Cleveland’s expanding portfolio of New & Innovative Schools.