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    Louisa May Alcott
    Our children love being the PATHS Kid of the Day.  Many of the adults in the  building use the Turtle strategy when working with the children.
    Almira Kindergarten has additional stories they relate to PATHS lessons.  Grade 1 PATHS Kids wear crowns.  In Grade 4, Applewood lessons have enhanced PATHS lessons and are done on Wednesday.  Two turtles and a traffic light are in the office when students need to de-escalate.
    Mary Bethune Students enjoy wearing the PATHS Kid visor.
    Paul L. Dunbar The custodian was PATHS adult of the day. He received his compliments on the PA system.

    There is a significant difference in Pre-K-5 behavioral issues in comparison  to the middle grades.  Students are more able to work out their differences  and mediate their problems.  Many of their conversations address their  feelings as they problem solve how they are feeling.

    PATHS is incorporated into the lessons of the teachers.  PATHS Kids are  chosen daily and one day of the week is Principal’s Surprise Day.  The  students are called to the office and recognized by the principal.  They  receive a special pencil or gift.  The teachers celebrate the PATHS Kid  everyday with special hats, badges, and passes.  They are given special jobs  and leadership opportunities to celebrate throughout the day.  Principal   Surprise Day is sporadically chosen to give more opportunities to celebrate  the successes of children.

    H. Barbara Booker Students proudly wear their PATHS Kid badges/necklaces each day.  They  want everyone to know that they are the PATHS Kid.  They accept the  responsibilities and appreciate the opportunity to hold the position.
    William Cullen Bryant We use PATHS with our Everyday Math and other school programs.
    Clark The students use the material they learn during PATHS lessons in their  writing during literacy, current events, and daily communication.  One child  used an Ohio State University newspaper article last year and wrote how  Ohio University’s mascot should have used “Turtle” when he was upset  rather than fighting with the OSU mascot.
    Denison The students are able to solve problems between themselves using the skills learned during PATHS lessons.
    Charles W. Eliot

    PATHS Kids of the Day are recognized by the principal, secretaries, or safety officers.  The children are given “Caught You Being Good” or “Eliot Raiders” pencils, a Star Student sticker, and a special “Caught You Being Good” coin.  The children share a message from their PATHS lesson and are cheered on by the designated person who is available to give the recognition.  Teachers are prompted to send their PATHS Kid of the Day during 7th period every day.  On Friday, the PATHS board is updated with the names of all the PATHS Kids of the Week.

    Principal Brown holds weekly cafeteria meetings with the children in order to discuss the lessons learned in PATHS, to recognize PATHS Kids, to identify times when the strategies were used, and to make sure children know that the way we treat each other is important.  During these meetings, time is also spent on our school’s anti-bullying message.

    Benjamin Franklin We have started a compliment envelope for teachers and the compliments  are read every Friday during PA announcements in the morning.
    Fullerton Every day we choose a PATHS Kid of the Day from grades K-8.  They come  down to the main office to get a treat from the officers.  It is great to see  the middle school students excited to be the PATHS Kid.
    Joseph M. Gallagher The Pre-K/K core team uses PATHS in meetings. Each teacher has a chance  to be the PATHS Kid and have multiple compliments directed to them. Students are utilizing lessons learned and are demonstrating coping  strategies such as expressing their negative emotions appropriately. This is taking place in the cafeteria and elective classes.
    McKinley The students in the lower grades speak more positively of each other and also make good comments about each other.  They also try to use PATHS to understand their classmates’ feelings and actions.  Some students refer to the lessons learned in PATHS when having difficulties with others.  The students enjoy hearing their names as the PATHS Kid of the Day on the announcements.  We also have PATHS Staff Member of the Week in the office where staff, students, and visitors can write compliments to the staff member.
    Miles Park PATHS has really made a positive impact on the overall climate in the school.
    Harvey Rice One teacher posts her PATHS Kid compliments on her classroom door each day for all to see. She has shared this approach with several colleagues who are now doing this as well.
    Pre-K through 2 students all wear visors stating that they are the PATHS  Kid. This usually comes along with special privileges for the day.
    Riverside We are using the PATHS concepts in the cafeteria and on the playground.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt PATHS lessons are taught in conjunction with that day's Reading lesson.
    Scranton The PATHS Kid of the Day is the line leader at lunchtime.  Some classes recognize teachers and other staff members as the PATHS Kid of the Day. Those individuals go to the classroom to get compliments and wear the lanyard for the day.
    Sunbeam In one of our preschool classes, the teacher has the PATHS Student of the Day chosen by Twiggle the turtle.  The PATHS Student of the Day gets to wear a turtle crown and a vest with a turtle on the back.  The class reviews PATHS.  It’s been a very positive experience for them.
    Tremont Compliment sheets go to the principal’s office for a signature.  Teachers are  sending home the newsletter and lessons for PATHS.

    Valley View

    A student was witnessed using Turtle to de-escalate himself
    Walton For Grades K-2 PATHS is very successful.  It is meaningful to students and they practice what they learn.
    Waverly Students think about making wiser choices before reacting.

    Wade Park

    We list the PATHS Student of the Day on the PA each morning.  Many staff members choose to post their PATHS Student of the Day in the hallway.  Students use manner words much more often than in the past.

    James A. Garfield

    Every day we have a school-wide morning assembly.  During the assembly I choose a Garfield PATHS staff member of the day. Students give the teacher three compliments, and then they each say something nice about themselves.


    PATHS Kids of the Day are recognized in the lunchroom and given a treat daily.

    Nathan Hale

    There are weekly reminders in the daily bulletin about PATHS.


    PATHS is included in morning meetings and students are increasingly doing turtle to handle every day issues.

    Michael R White STEM School

    The students in my school love being the PATHS Kid of the Day.  They proudly come to the office to collect their treats and to have their names announced on the PA.  When children come to the principal with a referral, we talk about steps they could have taken to calm down.

    Wilbur Wright

    We focus on connecting the PATHS curriculum to our students’ everyday lives to increase their overall knowledge of self and the world around them.

    Louis Agassiz

    Our non-verbal autistic students use the feeling cards to communicate.  The principal also uses the feeling cards on a daily basis.