It is essential that current, emergency information remain on file for students. Although faculty and staff have a responsibility to report any injury of a student, building administrators must have contact information to notify parents of any serious injury or medical emergency.
    Parents will be asked to pick their student up from school if he/she has the following health concerns:
    • Lice
    • Pink Eye
    • Scabies
    • Strep throat
    • Flu


    Students are NOT permitted to carry or administer medication to themselves during the school day. This includes asthma inhalers, EPI-pens and insulin (liquid or tablet form). If a student must take a prescription medication, in original form, labeled with the name of the student, medication name and exact dosage and hand deliver this to the secretary in the main office. AT NO TIME WILL SCHOOL PERSONNEL ADMINISTER NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION TO A STUDENT.