Each student will be provided with a book that reviews his/her rights as a student in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Each student will be required to sign a form indicating that they have read and received such a book. This process will take place quarterly and be reviewed by a building administrator.
    When a student is experiencing difficulty in adjusting to the school program the school will attempt to help the student improve school adjustment by:
    • identifying the problem
    • working with the parent of the student
    • using available school/community resources to resolve the problem
    • instituting appropriate disciplinary actions
    Specific Violations (see Section XV in the CMSD Student Code of Conduct book for more detail on this subject)
    • Level I Offenses (range from possession of tobacco products to posting or distributing materials on school property that causes a disruption to the educational process)
      • *Consequences possible-teacher conference, right of removal, parent contact, detention, office referral and/or behavior contract
    • Level II Offenses (range from chronic violations of Level I offenses, to repeated violations of the dress code policy)
      • *Consequences possible- referral to SST, planning center visit, behavior contract, suspension not to exceed 5 days
    • Level III Offenses (range from using or bringing weapons to school to bullying a peer)
      • *Consequences possible- any one used in Level I or II offenses as well as suspension not to exceed 10 days and possible recommendation for expulsion
    • Level IV Offenses (range from bringing firearms to any act that committed by an adult would be considered illegal)
      • *Consequences possible-suspension not to exceed 10 days and possible recommendation for expulsion and referral to the Cleveland Police Department for legal action