Miles Park faculty and staff are encouraged to take students on field trips that provide educational enrichment in a diverse setting. Every field trip that a student is invited to participate in he/she should be provided a written, standard field trip form for a parent/guardian to complete. If the student does not return the form, the faculty member will make arrangements for your student to remain in the building. This is done for the safety of all parties as a student should not be out of the building without the express permission of his/her parent/guardian.


    Miles Park encourages students to open to various types of celebrations. However, we ask parents not to send birthday or other party invitations to be distributed in the class unless the entire room is included. In some classrooms, teachers will make arrangements for the parent/guardian to bring in treats for the class. We ask that there is enough for each student in the class to receive a treat, otherwise please refrain from bringing in birthday favors. Additionally, many students have food allergies that can be potentially deadly, due to this fact we ask that all treats be “nut” free and “chocolate” free.