• Student Opportunities

    Howard P. Myers Apprenticeship Program

     The Howard P. Myers apprenticeship through Myers Precision Grinding Company, Inc. is designed to train the next generation of skilled machinist in the grinding or machining area that best fits their skills.
    The program is a combination of:
    • Full time employment: work in assigned roles based on the skills, knowledge and attitude presented by each candidate
    • Starting Hourly Wage 20 to 40 percent above the 2015 Ohio minimum wage of $8.10/hour
    • On-the-job training (OJT), in-house training and coaching
    • Skill based on-line courses paid by the company (Outside working hours)
    • Skills based classroom instruction and courses paid by the company – Community Colleges
    • A broad range of grinding and machining operations
    • Use other training resources as business needs dictate and candidates performance warrants

    Woods Hole Science Aquarium High School Summer Intern Program

    Woods Hole Science Aquarium The program began in 2002 and has evolved to include two components: (1) a two-week Careers in Science Seminar and (2) an animal husbandry internship that may last anywhere from one-to-five weeks.

    See their site for more information. 

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