The Cleveland School of Science and Medicine will prepare students for success in postsecondary education and careers in science, medicine and related fields through an intellectually demanding culture of innovative teaching and learning in partnership with the world class medical institutions of Greater Cleveland.



    • A talented communicator and problem solver
    • An innovator with compassion for self, others, and the environment
    Therefore the Cleveland School of Science & Medicine graduate will be:
    • A self-aware and self-reliant individual
    • A lifespan learner with a desire for excellence
    Graduates from CSSM have:
    • Experienced a problem-based curriculum enhanced by medical and science professionals
    • Developed a career plan including internship experiences
    • Participated in school community life through clubs, athletics, service organizations, and school governance
    • Partaken in research-based learning with internationally and nationally recognized medical institutions and professionals
    • Completed a comprehensive service learning program