• The Student Support Team (SST) is a collaborative problem-solving group of school and related professionals who meet weekly udring the school year. Each team is composed of an administrator, qualified teacher and student support staff member as well as other staff invited for specific student referrals.
    The goal of the SST is to address problems in a timely manner (by the next scheduled SST meeting unless it is a crisis situation, then follow the District crisis procedures) to help students achieve. This process includes supporting at-risk students and attempting to resolve difficulties within the educational setting using team problem-solving. Support occurs through the implementation of programmatic interventions (academic, instructional, behavioral, health and emotional) and may include the student’s participation in group interventions meant to address the specific needs of the referred student. In some cases individualized, intensive interventions may be recommended.
    The emphasis of the SST is to design and monitor interventions that meet the student’s needs and produce positive, measurable learning outcomes. Families are encouraged to be involved in SST. In all cases families should be informed of the interventions and the student’s progress related to those interventions. Once the parent/guardian is informed of the presenting problems and building concerns, the student may be requested to attend one of the SST meetings as well.