What is a School Counselor? 
    Counselor Heart  
    Counselors work with all students on 3 domains of development:
    The counselor’s role is to support academic development and planning for ultimate personal success in collaborating with teachers, administrators, parents, community agencies and students. Counselors advocate for the best scenario for the student to achieve their greatest academic potential in their current situation.

    Counselors educate students on various post-secondary options, whether its career, college, vocational, apprentice programs, military or work.

    Sometimes there are hindrances to a student’s academic or career development that need to be addressed before they can focus on school work or future planning. Counselors advocate to get their needs met, counsel when needed and refer as necessary.

    In summary, counselors are child advocates, and focus on individual STUDENT NEEDS. Our endeavor is to better the lives of every student. We support their academic growth and identify any issues that may be hindering a student's progress. We are here for advocacy, looking for ways to help students in any way we can.