The Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT) model, is a high-impact strategy for family engagement that aligns grade level learning concepts, student performance data, and family -teacher communication and collaboration.  The APTT model provides school leaders and teachers with a developmental and collaborative process for building strong relationships with families focused on student academic growth and achievement. The  APTT model was developed by Dr. Maria C. Paredes in 2008, in the Creighton School District in Arizona, in response to a strong need to  provide families with the information, data and tools they "need to know" to support academic achievement for their children.   

    APTT is conducted in the L.I.F.T. Network of K-8 schools: East Clark, Harvey Rice, Memorial, Miles, Sunbeam, Wade Park, Waverly @ Watterson Lake, Wilbur Wright and Willow. In the STEAM Network, APTT is conducted at Nathan Hale.
    Click on the link below to experience APTT in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
    How it supports School Administrators:
    • Collaboratively create a school family engagement vision that is aligned to outcomes for students.
    • Strengthen family capacity to support targeted student learning at home.
    • Adopt a model of family engagement that is research-based, data and results-driven.

    The role of Families in student learning:

    • Develop a collaborative partnership with their child's teacher. 
    • Attend informative meetings facilitated by the classroom teacher.
    • Support student learning at home and in the community.
    To meaningfully engage families, Teachers:
    • Understand that families need concrete information, skills and resources to support student learning.
    • Foster a welcoming and collaborative environment for families.
    • Set high expectations for students and their families.

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    If you would like more information about APTT and how it is implemented in our schools please contact:
    Jacqueline Lamb
    FACE Coordinator 
    Family and Community Engagement