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    NewBridge offers an amazing, rigorous, year-round, after school arts and technology based program for local high school students.

    NewBridge uses a combination of high-tech gadgetry, compelling classes, and caring adults to help youth explore the arts and pursue their education in high school and beyond. Students are typically referred to NewBridge by teachers or other mentors. Classes are free, but students are required to maintain a good record of attendance and behavior.

    Youth classes at NewBridge include ceramics, digital photography, film/video, graphic design and music recording and production. Courses offer hands-on instruction, allowing students to shape their own pottery, snap their own photographs, or work high-tech equipment to record and mix music. Courses include:

    • Experienced instructors who are also accomplished, working artists.
    • Access to the latest equipment through weekly open studio sessions.
    • Encouragement and support from adults who care.