Welcome Miles Park Parents Welcome to Miles Park School

     2017-2018 School Year Events/Activities:
    Staff Meet and Greet- Friday, August 11th- 3:30pm-5:30pm
    (Open House)Wednesday, September 13th- 6pm-8:30pm 

    Father’s Walk- Wednesday, September 20th - 8am

    PATHS Kids Dinner(Invite Only)- October 12th, December 20th, March 8th, May 17th - 3:30pm-4:30pm 

    Anti-Bullying Play Pre-K-8- Thursday, October 19th9am-11am

    Parent/Teacher Conference Wednesday, October 25th- 12:30pm-7:00pm 

    Giving Thanks to Grandparents- Monday, November 16th8am-10am

    National Parental Involvement Day- Friday, November 17th- 8am 

    S.T.E.A.M. Fair K-8

    Holiday Musical Production- Thursday, December 21st – 9am-11am

    Parent/Teacher Conference Wednesday, March 21st – 12:30pm-7:00pm 

    Spring Production- Thursday, April 19th9am-11am

    Pre-K Promotion- Tuesday, May 22nd9am

    8th Grade Promotion- Wednesday, May 23rd – 8:30am


Miles Park Bell Schedule