• Reserving a Room at the East Professional Center

    Preferred Method: Number One

    Call us at (216) 838-0290 or visit the Office of Professional Development during our walk-in hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. and 2:00-4:00 p.m. at  Ask to speak with Ms. Hill or Ms. Shelton.

    Preferred Method: Number Two
    Submit the Online Reservation For Rooms and Equipment.

    Least Preferred Method: Number Three
    Via Outlook Calendar -
    • Click on the date of the session 
    • Click on the start time of your requested session and then click on more details. 
    • Key in the Title of your requested session.  This title will be displayed on the room schedule monitors on the first and second floors.
    • Click the "add room" button to see which rooms are available for the time you have requested. ***It is IMPERATIVE that you click the "add room" button 
      Add Room Add Room with Arrow
    • It may take a few seconds for the room availability list to appear.
    • Click on the room requested from the list of rooms. The requested room should appear in the room location line and also in the Attendees column.   
    • Key in the large textbox any special request such as a clickers or microphone system. Be sure to key in your name and contact telephone number. Then, click send.
    • You will receive a "room request is pending" email (see below)
    NOTE: You will receive an email in Outlook if your room reservation is approved (see below for example of confirmation email). You should receive this confirmation within 24 hours, if the room is available. Without the approval email your requested room is NOT reserved.