• OTES Credentials


    Training and certification requirements

    In addition to TDES training, all CMSD evaluators are required to take and pass the State's evaluation certification training as well.  To evaluate teachers, administrators must pass the OTES certification.  The OTES credentialing test must be taken in a CMSD-proctored setting. If an administrator takes the test at home or in a non-CMSD proctored, setting that administrator will have to re-take the test before evaluating any CMSD teachers. To evaluate principals, assistant principals, and CISs , administrators must also pass the OPES certification in a CMSD-proctored setting. All sessions begin at 9:00 AM at the East Professional Center (EPC) in the Computer Lab. Please let Cheryl Shelton know when you plan to attend.

    OTES Training Dates

    To register for OTES training sessions you must log in to your ODE  SAFE account and find the session in STARS.  Click on the name of the desired session to register.  If you take OTES training through the Cuyahoga County ESC, the Talent Department will pay for your registration.  Please contact Jill Cabe at jill.cabe@clevelandmetroschools.org prior to registration to confirm payment options.  CMSD will only pay for individuals who have been hired as administrators or are in the Aspiring Principal program to test at the Cuyahoga County ESC.

     Re-credentialing for 2018-2019

    To renew OTES credentials CMSD Teacher Evaluators must:
    • Take three hours of online / video training.
    • Take and pass the corresponding credentialing exam.
    • Sign up for a date and time to complete both of the previously-mentioned requirements in a proctored setting.
    • When you have passed the 2018-2019 re-certification test, you also will be able print a certificate from this menu.
    • Keep a copy for your records and consider posting this in your office.
    • The new credential will be valid for two years from the date of successful passage of the test.
    • All administrators are encouraged to post a copy of their certificate(s) in their office.


    Candidates must bring their NIET log in information, OTES manual, and photo identification.

    Additional and Helpful Steps to Get Ready for Re-Credentialing

    If your OTES expires in the middle of the 18-19 SY do not wait until school is session to renew.   Be proactive and renew sooner rather than later.

    Be on the lookout for an email notifying you of your expiring status.  However, if you do not yet have the email.....

    Be sure, now, to log into the NIET website

    Your educator license number is your user name for accessing the site. You will find this number by logging into SAFE and accessing the My Educator Profile section of ODE CORE.

    If you do not remember your NIET password, you will find directions on creating a new password on the NIET login screen.

    Note your expiration date.

    While logged in on the NIET website, you can find the expiration date for your current credentials by using the links:

    My Account, Online Credentialing, and Teacher Evaluation Credentialing Test. In the bottom right corner, you can view your credential history.    If needed the support address for NIET is Support@niet.org