• Internship Opportunities

    The spreadsheet linked below contains the current Summer-College-Career opportunities for our CSSM scholars for Summer of 2019. The opportunities are in order by deadline and grade level. As more opportunities arise, the spreadsheet will be updated. Please take advantage of these opportunities. If you plan on applying to these internships, contact Ms. Aziah Chavers for assistance with the application.


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    RISE in Cleveland Program

    In the RISE program, students from CSSM have the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research in laboratories at the Learner Research Institute (LRI) for 10 weeks. The students will be paid an hourly wage and will be expected to work 40 hours/week. In addition to hands-on experience at the bench, students will also participate in:

    • A mentoring program in which each CSSM student is paired with a graduate student in our Molecular Medicine PhD program.
    • Lunches where they meet with LRI leadership or their mentoring buddies.
    • A tour of Cleveland Clinic and our Core Facilities. 

    RISE Program Co-Directors 

    Dr. Donna Driscoll, Director, LRI Faculty Center, driscod@ccf.org, (216) 445-9758

    Ms. Kimberly Swaggard-Svec, Educator, CSSM, (216) 838-8300 

    RISE Program Coordinator

    Ms. Janet Hill, hillj10@ccf.org, (216) 636-2519

    RISE Program Administrator

    Ms. Angela Steitz, steitza@ccf.org, (216) 636-5427

    Year 2 Interns (2018):

    • Kyra Shaw
    • Julius Jenkins III
    • Kamal Acharya
    • Rajendra Acharya
    • Taylor Ottrix
    • Kenneth Pope

    Year 1 Interns (2017):

    • Joshua Phelps
    • Jazzmin Anderson
    • Alexis Koston
    • Abraham Lopez
    • Gabrielle Raymont-Scott
    • Benjamin Drake
    • Ahmad Alhajajreh
    The video clip above features CSSM student Anise Bowman and highlights her experience with The Cleveland Clinic's Summer Internship Program.