• Dear Friends of Global Studies,

    Lincoln-West School of Global Studies is preparing our students to become globally component citizens who can astutely identify, examine and take meaningful action on the most difficult local and international problems of our day. To achieve these goals and prepare students for careers in the global economy, our students experience rigorous preparation through mastery learning and impactful curricular-based service. to further ensure our students' readiness for college and the careers of tomorrow, we are launching a Career Connections Course that includes a field experience component for 11th grade students.

    The semester-long course is intended to introduce students to workplace environments, norms for professional performance, and to provide them with opportunities to develop professional competencies. As part of the class, every student will complete a short-term field experience, where they join an organization for one work day per week.

    We are currently seeking partners willing to discuss hosting a Lincoln-West School of Global Studies student for the on-site component of the class. Hosing a student will consist of assigning a mentor/manager, developing a student work plan in conjunction with Lincoln-West School of Global Studies staff, and providing feedback and evaluation of the student. Additional details include:

    Timing: We anticipate that students will spend approximately one Friday per week on-site for approximately seven weeks beginning in October 2018.

    Transportation: School of Global Studies will ensure students arrive at business location.

    Our students' unique understanding of the world, experience with foreign countries, savvy with multiple languages and commitment to rigor and excellence will make them useful contributors in the workplace. I look forward to following up with you to discuss this meaningful opportunity for our city's deserving young people.

    Please see the Career Connections Interest Confirmation Form below.

    For more information or questions, please contact Mr. Brian Brochetti at brian.brochetti@clevelandmetroschools.org, 216-838-7057, cell: 216-246-9057.



    Dr. Irene G. Javier