• About Us

    Welcome to Lincoln-West High School! Lincoln-West serves approximately 500 students in grades 10 to 12. It is the most diverse high school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and probably in the state of Ohio. Lincoln-West is located in the near west side of Cleveland, Ohio in a culturally diverse neighborhood.

    Lincoln-West is the highlight of multicultural and multilingual secondary education throughout CMSD. With a population comprised of over 41 nationalities and 25 languages, the high school is primed for a successful bilingual, multicultural, language acquisition and development program. First generation Americans and immigrants represented at the academy include: Puerto Rican, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Mexican, Dominican, Chinese, Albanian, Nepali, Arabic, Urdu, Vietnamese, Laotian/Thai, African, Polish and Croatian.           

    Lincoln-West High School is designed to provide students access to a curriculum that recognizes the value of critical thinking skills, events, perspectives, and engaged learning while helping students develop the linguistic, analytical, interpersonal and technological skills necessary to compete in the 21st century and preparing students for success in building strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine.

    Lincoln-West High School facilitates producing and retaining content-rich teachers; transforming the school into a center of college readiness; and preparing and engaging students to develop strong interests in STEM-M field.

    Mission and Vision

    Our mission is to ensure that all scholars acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to succeed in a diverse and changing world.
    Our vision is that all scholars maintain the motivation, resiliency, and engagement to graduate from Lincoln-West High School.

    Motivation  + Determination = Success