Portrait of a Graduate
  • Portrait of a Graduate

    Learners achieve and apply appropriate academic and career focused knowledge.

    • Exhibit college and career readiness and an ability to connect education to meaningful employment and productive citizenship.
    • Demonstrate the ability, knowledge, confidence, creativity, and initiative to take ownership in problem solving and goal setting. 
    • Thrive on challenge and celebrate success.

    Leaders build connections and work with individuals and diverse communities.

    • Communicate and collaborate to effectively express ideas through speaking, writing, and multimedia.
    • Respect, value, and embrace the diversity of others, as inclusive leader, with an openness to new and unique ideas.
    • Create innovative solutions to problems.

    Citizens demonstrate mindfulness of self, others, and personal journey.

    • Maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and supportive personal, social, and professional networks.
    • Set goals to achieve full potential as empowered and committed individuals within the context of their family, community, and the world.
    • Demonstrate ability to act with integrity, empathy, and flexibility in making reasoned, ethical, and responsible decisions.