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9th Grade Assistant Principal
10th Grade Assistant Principal
11th Grade Assistant Principal
Mrs. Andrea Miller
12th Grade Assistant Principal

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Lincoln-West High School

Center for International Studies

Monday, April 27, 2015

Dear INvested students and families of Lincoln-West High School,

We have successfully completed the first year of Lincoln-West High School as an INvestment School. We are fully committed to working with the families and community members in building a foundation in providing the best educational experience for ALL our students that will result in students’ academic growth.

We are delighted to announce the current and new members of the Lincoln-West HS’ leadership team:

          Mr. Byron Wasko, Assistant Principal for 9th Graders, 216-634-2411

          Mrs. Darla Hilt, Assistant Principal for 10th Graders, 216-634-2402

          Mrs. Andrea Miller, Assistant Principal for 11th Graders, 216-634-2415

          Mr. Timothy Sullen, Assistant Principals for 12th Graders, 216-634-2419

This year, Lincoln-West is a comprehensive high school and will continue to be the center for international studies through the partnership with the International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) using a design model that fosters learning for global competence and college readiness supported by STEM-M model (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, - Medicine). Both ISSN and STEM-M models are designed to align and prepare our students to be global workers and citizens. 

The models above will support the high school in achieving our Key Academic Goals:

  • INcrease the graduation rate
  • INcrease the academic performance of ALL students
  • INcrease and improve the conditions for learning

We are committed to Lincoln-West remaining a source of pride for our community and our city. 

Thank you for all your support. 

Our best,

Dr. Irene G. Javier

25 de julio de 2014

Estimados Estudiantes y Familiares de la Escuela Superior Lincoln West: 

Hemos concluído con éxito el primer año de la Escuela Superior Lincoln West como escuela de inversión. Estamos plenamente comprometidos a trabajar con las familias y los miembros de la comunidad creando y fomentando la mejor experiencia educativa para todos los estudiantes que tengan como resultado de crecimiento académico de los estudiantes.

Estamos encantados de anunciar el equipo de liderazgo actual y nuevos miembros de la Escuela Superior Linconl West.

         Sr. Byron Wasko, Asistente de Principal para el 9no grado, (216) 634-2411

         Sra. Darla Hilt, Asistente de Principal para el 10mo grado, (216) 634-2402

         Sra. Andrea Miller, Asistente de Principal para el 11mo grado, (216) 634-2415

         Sr. Timothy Sullen, Asistente de Principal para el 12mo grado, (216) 634-2419

Este año, la Escuela Superior Lincoln West es una escuela comprenhensiva y seguirá siendo el centro de estudios internacionales a través de la asociación con la Red de Escuelas de Estudios Internacionales. Utilizando un modelo de diseño que fomenta la competencia global de aprendizaje y preparación universitaria con el apoyo de las Materias de Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Matemáticas y Medicina. Ambos ISSN y el Taller de Modelos están diseñados para alinear y preparar a nuestros estudiantes para la industria del trabajo global y ciudadanos.

Los modelos anteriores de apoyo a la escuela es la clave para las metas u objetivos académicos.

         Aumentar la tasa de graduación

         Aumentar el rendimiento académico de todos los estudiantes

         Aumentar y mejorar las condiciones de aprendizaje

Nosotros estamos comprometidos a que la Escuela Superior Lincoln West se mantenga y sea motivo de orgullo para nuestra comunidad y nuestra ciudad.

¿Gracias por todo su apoyo!


Dr. Irene G. Javier


Listen Here Listen to an interview about how Lincoln-West is partnering with MetroHealth in a mentoring program, courtesy of WRUW radio.

Schools as Neighborhood Resources

"This evening I witnessed one of the best examples of school spirit and sportsmanship ever. Lincoln West played the Nordonia Knights in boys basketball. The Lincoln West Cheerleaders and their coach were wonderful examples of what high school sports should be all about. They were positive, enthusiastic, energetic, and very entertaining! They deserve to be commended for representing their school so very well."
-Nordonia Parent 2/26/2014