Issue 107

Luis Munoz Marin (K-8)

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Address: 1701 Castle Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
7:40 a.m. -2:10 p.m.

Principal: Ricardo Torres

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Ward: 14

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Cleveland Metro SchoolsLuis Muñoz Marin is an Investment School with a focus on Readiness to Learn.
CMSD is grateful for and proud of our remarkable staff who demonstrate each day how they are Invested in the children of Cleveland.  Please recognize that every professional who signs a Commitment Letter to work in the Investment Schools is truly going “above and beyond” to create new and better learning experiences for children.
Investment School Information
See the Investment Schools page for more information.
Marin takes family, community, and culture to heart. The school uses a family wraparound model and teaches all K-2 students under a Duel Language Model so that they learn both English and Spanish. All students' hands are displayed in Marin's "Cultural Mural," showing scholars that they all have a hand in change. Culture is further upheld by a No-Nonsense Nurturing approach to academics and behavior, a culture plan with expectations for all school spaces, and regular teacher and student recognition programs. Administrators greet arriving students every day with a handshake, and scholars are sure to read their Scholar Mission Statement. We are proud to share the academics, activities, and partnerships that our school offers as part of our investment in students' futures.
  • New Gym floor
  • Updated technology: iPads, wireless internet
  • Updated bathrooms 
  • Potential partnership with 500+ colleges and universities to encourage lifelong learning
  • Center for Transformative Teacher Training 

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