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Welcome to the Cleveland Metropolitan School Districts Payroll Division.

The mission of the Payroll Division is to provide the accurate calculation and timely payment of salaries, wages and supplemental payments to all CMSD employees. We strive to pay all staff, faculty and student employees in an efficient manner while ensuring our compliance with employer federal, state and local tax regulations.

The Payroll Division is committed to providing high quality customer service. We endeavor to be a service-oriented department that assists employees and administrative departments by processing payroll information, answering inquiries and resolving problems.

Please take a moment to review the staff directory and services offered by the CMSD Payroll staff. Feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Contact Us:

Mychael HendersonCPP, Payroll Executive Director
Email | 216.838.0076

Oversees the processing and distribution of biweekly payroll checks for 8,500 District employees. Oversees timely reporting to Federal, State and Local agencies including but not limited to The State of Ohio, Internal Revenue Service, various municipalities, and the Ohio Bureau of Employment Service.  Coordinates payroll system analysis and upgrades.

Kimberly Hill, Supervisor
Email | 216.838.0383
Admin payroll, assists in monitoring payroll procedures, payroll tax remittances, ensures compliance with agency regulations, oversees payroll processing.

, Specialist
Email | 216.838.xxxx
Severance Payments; SERS/STRS retirements; SERS monthly reporting, employee balance adjustments; SERS/STRS membership forms & refund applications; Transfer of sick time; Outside contractor Maxim Health SERS contributions; Retirement purchases

Rosa Rivera, Specialist
Email | 216.838.0076
Oversize Class,Voluntary Deductions, AFLAC, Direct Deposits, Sick Time Donations

Kathleen Dudley, Auditor
Email | 216.838.0362
Paraprofessionals,10-month Secretaries, Security Officers, Aux Services Fiscal Liaisons, Medication Dispensing, Classified Consultants, Budgets,Vendors-OnBase, ATAS Training

Crystal Monk, Specialist
Email | 216.838.0075
Payroll for Certificated employees, Athletic Payments, Summer School, Pre-Season Differentials, Differentials. Audits, Certificated Late Start Employees, 20 pay Employees.

Melody Patterson, Specialist
Email | 216.838.0357
Payroll for Cleaners, Custodians, Assistant Custodians, Laborers, Truck Drivers, Bus Attendants, Bus Drivers, and Garage Mechanics, Audits.

, Specialist
Email | (216) 838-xxxx
In-Service payments, Employment Verifications

Charlene Michael, Specialist
Email | 216.838.0361
Payroll for Food Service, Cashiers, Trades, Students, Student Activities Stipends, Audits.

Cerelia Willis, Specialist
Email | 216.838.0363
Oversize Class, Backup for Processing Garnishments.

Benjamin Steele, Specialist
Email | 216.838.0358
Garnishments/Other Withholdings; Bankruptcy, Student Loans, Municipal Court Ordered Withholding statements, Jury Duty Procurements. Backup for Facility and Transportation Payrolls