• Lester Fultz

    Chief of Safety and Security
    Chief Fultz
    Lester Fultz grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh. After leaving Pittsburgh, he saw the challenges that awaited in Cleveland, Ohio. Lester moved to Cleveland and made it his home, where he still resides. He continued his education at Ohio University and is a graduate of the Ohio Highway Patrol’s Management in Law Enforcement program (MILE) and the Ohio Police Executive leadership college.
    Lester joined the Cleveland Police Department and served for 28 years. During his tenure he served in many capacities including walking a beat on Public Square, serving as Officer friendly; a then newly formed Community Policing activity which delivered teddy bears to hospitalized children and as Ambassadors for the department. Lester continued his service as the Commander of the then Sixth District, involving himself in many school activities including adopting East Clarks’ as the Sixth District focus school. One of the students from this relationship was a two time winner of the district science award and is a graduate of Ohio State University. He rose through the ranks of the Cleveland Division of Police Department and retired in 2008 as the Deputy Chief of Special Operations.
    After leaving the Cleveland Police Department, Lester joined the Cleveland Metropolitan School District as its Chief of Safety and Security. The Chief remarks that this assignment fulfills his desire to provide a positive impact on the lives of the children of the City of Cleveland. He continues to serve and is proud of the accomplishments of the safety team and its impact on creating safe teaching and learning environments for the students and staff. Chief Fultz is a proactive thinker and looks forward to improving the academic landscape of the District’s students by involving the safety team in the Humanware/Hardware strategy developed by the district.
    Chief Fultz believes that children need caring adults more than “just the facts” law enforcement officers and encourages his team to go “beyond the badge” and provide services and support to our students.