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The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is committed to providing safe and supportive schools where students can succeed and thrive.

Humanware/SEL Overview

In addition to the Hardware we employ to ensure safe schools—surveillance cameras, metal detectors, x-ray machines, wands, etc.—CMSD is committed to addressing the social and emotional element of school safety, to head off safety incidents before they occur.

Humanware/SEL is an important part of CMSD's strategic plan to address conditions for learning so that all students are academically and socially equipped to succeed.  The conditions for learning include a safe, well-managed, respected and supportive learning environment and opportunities for social and emotional learning, a process whereby children and adults acquire knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to five core competencies:  Self-Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Building, and Responsible Decision Making. 
Humanware/SEL provides opportunities for all students to acquire social and emotional competencies through evidence-based programs that teach students to recognize strengths and emotions; manage emotions and behaviors to achieve goals; show understanding and empathy toward others; form positive relationships; work on teams; deal effectively with conflict; and make ethical and constructive choices about personal and social issues. 

Humanware/SEL advocates for best practices that ensure that all human resources in a child's school, family and community function together so that students are learning in safe, supportive and successful schools.

HUMANWARE/SEL Strategies designed to improve school climates:

  • Provide positive behavioral support
  • Develop early-intervention strategies
  • Promote anti-bullying initiatives
  • Foster community-service partnerships
  • Improve collaboration between schools & agencies
  • Enhance the partnership between schools & families
  • Further develop Student Support Teams, collaborative problem-solving groups, which include administrators, teachers and student-support personnel
  • Promote PATHS and Planning Centers
  • Provide a coordinated sequence for developing social and emotional competencies according to the Social and Emotional Learning section of the District's Scope and Sequence Manual.

Key Components of CMSD’s Humanware Initiative

  • School and family involvement
  •  Student Support Teams






    Denine A. Goolsby M.Ed., Executive Director

    Office: 216.838.0170| Email