• Operations

    The School Day begins...

    The Operations Division is devoted to ensuring that our children’s futures are:
    • Transformed into a 21st century learning environment with the assistance of our Capital Programs department;
    • The students are provided a safe and orderly learning environment by our Safety & Security team;
    • Our Food and Child Nutrition Services department continues their commitment of providing nutritious school meals to educate our children with life-long healthy eating habits;
    • Our children are also provided safe and dependable transportation through our Transportation Department; and they are
    • Connected to the technology world through our IT and Procurement Department which makes the methods of learning and teaching simple and more interesting.




    We are made up of a professional team of people who really care about the well-being of our children and the community they reside in. We encourage you to continue browsing our site and getting to know our Team better. I am certain that you will leave the site realizing that we all have the same goal and that is to provide our children with a quality learning environment by any and every means necessary.

    We want to thank parents, teachers, and the community for their continued commitment to our students. We realize it takes a village… and we are eager to do our part.

    ... and Ends with Us!

    Mission: To provide a caring and effective infrastructure that makes a premier education possible for all Cleveland Students.
    Goal: To perform our mission in a manner that makes others study us as a national model for success.

     Squire Patton Boggs
    January 26, 2016 



    Patrick Zohn
    Chief Operating Officer

    Gary Sautter
    Deputy Chief of Capital Programs
    Lester Fultz
    Deputy Chief of Safety and Security
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