STEAM Network Parent Meeting


At the STEAM Parent Meeting you will:

  • Meet the network support team supporting your school
  • Receive network updates
  • Network with parents from other schools
  • Learn about District initiatives
  • Lunch will be provided

STEAM Schools are:

  • Andrew J. Rickoff
  • Acharles A. Mooney
  • Charles Dickens
  • Charles W. Eliot
  • Dike School of the Arts
  • Garrett Morgan
  • Hannah Gibbons
  • Jane Addams BCC
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Campus
  • Max S. Hayes
  • Miles Parl
  • Nathan Hale
  • Newton D. Baker School of the Arts
  • Orchard
  • Washington Park Environmental Studies

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East Professional Center - Little Theater
1349 East 79th Street
Cleveland, OH 44103The zipcode must be numeric with at least five numbers.