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Browns' Hughes says "You Can Make It!"

Every day counts when it comes to education, and Cleveland Browns defensive lineman John Hughes wants families to know that includes the days just before and after school breaks.

In the video that accompanies this story, Hughes urges students and parents not to overlook the importance of going to school next Monday and Tuesday. Thanksgiving break begins Wednesday, and they might be tempted to extend the time off.

The message is part of the District’s “Get 2 School. You Can Make It!” attendance campaign. The Browns are major partners in the effort to fight chronic absenteeism.

One prong of the sweeping campaign singles out days that fall near holidays, breaks, calamity days and other days off. Campaign leaders call those “You Can Make It” days.

Chronic absenteeism, defined at missing 10 or more days in a year, is a nationwide problem.

CMSD data shows that students who miss 10 or more days score 12 points lower on state reading tests and 15 points lower on math tests. Younger students are 9 percent less likely to comply with Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee and ninth- and 10th-graders are 34 percent less likely to graduate.

The campaign has spread its message with billboards, yard signs, radio spots, phone calls and visits to students’ homes. Individual schools are running contests and offering incentives to spur attendance.

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