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Openings remain at Cleveland's specialty and highly-rated schools

The Cleveland school district still has openings for students in most of its highly-rated or specialty schools. Parents can enroll their children for this school year, which started Wednesday for some schools and next Wednesday for the rest.
Schools rated "Effective" or above by the state:
Clark, Garfield, Riverside and William C. Bryant schools all are full.
Benjamin Franklin, PreK-8, 1905 Spring Road, Effective
Full for Kindergarten through third, as well as seventh and eighth. Some openings for fourth through sixth.
Daniel E. Morgan, PreK-8, 8912 Morris Court , Effective
Full for Kindergarten through third; seats available at other grades.
Denison, K-8, 3799 West 33rd St., Effective
First grade is full; seats available for other grades.
Early Childhood Development Center, PreK-3, 8200 Brookline Ave., Effective
First grade is full; seats available for other grades.
Garrett Morgan School of Science, 9-12, 4016 Woodbine Ave., Effective
Hundreds of seats available across all grades.
Louis Agassiz, K-8, 3595 Bosworth Road, Effective
Kindergarten and second are full; seats available for other grades.
Louisa May Alcott, K-5, 10308 Baltic Road, Excellent
Kindergarten, first, fourth and fifth are full; seats available in second and third grades.
Tremont Montessori, PreK-8, 2409 West 10th St., Effective
First, third and sixth are full; seats available in other grades.
Whitney Young Gifted and Talented Leadership Academy, 2-12, 17900 Harvard Ave., Excellent with Distinction
More than 200 seats not part of the gifted program are open in each of grades 9-12.
Specialty schools
MC STEM and all three John Hay Campus schools – Architecture and Design, Early College and Science and Medicine – are full. Also full are the Campus International School and the Warner Girls Leadership Academy.
Design Lab Early College at Jane Addams, 9-12, 2373 East 30th St., Effective
Dozens of seats at all grades available
Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy, PreK-7 girls, 4401 Valleyside Road, Effective
Third grade is full; seats available at other grades
Ginn Academy, 9-12 boys, 655 East 162nd St., Continuous Improvement
Dozens of seats available at all grades
Kenneth Clement Boys Leadership Academy, K-7 boys, 4311 Woodworth Road , Continuous Improvement
Seats are available in all grades.
New Tech at East Technical High School, 9-12, 2439 East 55th St., Continuous Improvement
Ninety-six seats are available between all grades, mainly for ninth and 10th.
New Tech at Garrett Morgan, 9-12, 4016 Woodbine Ave., Continuous Improvement
Fifty-six seats are available between all grades, mainly for ninth and 10th.
New Tech/Facing History, 3213 Montclair Ave. , new program, ninth grade only
About 50 seats available for ninth grade.
Valley View Boys Leadership Academy, PreK-7, 17200 Valleyview Ave. Effective
Second and third grades are full; seats available at other grades
Breakthrough charters:
Some seats are also available in the Breakthrough charter schools, a group affiliated with the Cleveland district.
Citizens Academy, K-5; Near West Intergenerational School, K-5; Intergenerational School, K-8; and Village Prep: Superior Campus, K-3, are all full and have wait lists.
There are still openings at:
Citizens Academy East, K-2, 12523 Woodside Avenue (near E. 125th & St. Clair), new program.
Kindergarten is full; seats available in first and second.
Citizens Leadership Academy, 6-7, 9711 Lamont Ave. (near E. 97th & Chester), Excellent
Seventh is full; sixth grade has open seats.
E-Prep: Superior Campus, 6-8, 1417 East 36th St. (near E. 36th & Superior), Excellent
Seventh and eighth are full; seats available in sixth.
E-Prep: Woodland Hills Campus, 6-7, 9201 Crane Ave.(at E. 93rd and Union), new
Seats available in both grades.
Village Prep: Woodland Hills Campus, K-2, 9201 Crane Ave. (at E. 93rd and Union), New
Seats available at all grades.
--Patrick O'Donnell