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Cleveland Schools Plan of Change Under Way

CLEVELAND– Phase One of the “Cleveland Plan” is well under way.
Cleveland schools CEO Eric Gordon is taking full responsibility to make some serious change. He says, we can`t blame everything on the teachers; we need students and community support to change the landscape of the learning environment.
13 schools are being re-evaluated from top to bottom.
“’I want to be clear; this is not about firing people. We have hard-working people – all of whom we need. This is about all of our hard-working men and women in the right places with the right tasks collectively in front of them,” said Gordon.
All Cleveland schools are being closely examined.
Staff members are being re-interviewed to make sure they`re in the right place. They`re also signing ‘investment school’ commitment letters.
These are the 13 schools that will see immediate change at the beginning of the 2013 school year:
 Robert H. Jamison
Luis Munoz Marin
Kenneth Clement Boys Leadership Academy
Robinson G. Jones
Franklin D. Roosevelt
 Anton Grdina
Carl & Louis Stokes
Collinwood High School
 John Adams High School
Lincoln-West High School
Besides new teachers and staff in key positions, you`ll also see cleaner classrooms, better attendance standards and upgraded technology in classrooms.
Gordon added, “It means thinking differently about schools – thinking not as children moving along a conveyor belt, going from 2nd to 3rd grade with whatever readiness they’ve received. But thinking like a medical team that`s surrounding the student to treat the student’s needs to see that they are achieving.”