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Students share contest-winning stories

Host Dee Perry shares the winning stories of The Great Lakes Theater Christmas Carol Writing Contest written by Cleveland Metropolitan School District middle school students on Ideastream's The Sound of Applause.
Inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol six original stories were chosen from more than 1,700 submissions for the annual competition to receive dramatic readings by cast members of Great Lakes Theater's company. (Click on the player below to hear the broadcast)

Yamaiya Jackson, Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy 6th Grader

Mariam Altuhaimer, Robinson G. Jones School 8th Grader

McKenna Jablonske, Cassandra Naider & Emily Pikturna, Newton D. Baker School of Arts 7th Graders

Brenda Gomez, Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy 6th Grader

Judy Gross, Denison School 6th Grader

Amani Rogers, Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy 8th Grader