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Students to make up canceled classes at home, not in school

winter 13-14 CMSD NEWS BUREAU
CMSD students will complete coursework on their own time instead of making up three snow or calamity days with classes at the end of the school year.
Most CMSD schools have been closed eight days this winter because of snow and cold. The state permits five calamity days during the school year.
Because of the many closings across the state this winter, legislators gave districts the option of letting students make up three days with work completed online or on paper at home. 
Extending the school year would have cost the District $4.6 million, Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon said Tuesday before the Board of Education approved the plan. He said District officials expected attendance to be spotty if students were forced to attend classes for the three days.
Students are to complete the home assignments over spring break, April 14-18. Failure to finish the work will affect students' grades. 
Ginn Academy, John F. Kennedy High School, Jane Addams Business Careers Center  and Memorial K-8 School will receive the home assignments but must make up a ninth day lost because of weather-related heating or plumbing problems. JFK, Jane Addams and Memorial were actually closed 10 days during the winter, but schools that hit that threshold received a waiver from the state.