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Charles Mooney students rehearse "Weird Science" show; still need white dress shirts for "lab coats" (video)

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The Mooney Mustangs and Dancing Wheels are busy mixing up some “Weird Science” for next Thursday morning's performance at Charles A. Mooney K-8 School.

They're just short a few dozen faux lab coats needed to pull it off.

About 90 students in fourth and fifth grades have been rehearsing their “A Force In Motion” show for months with Emma Parker, the Dancing Wheels artist in residence. 
The program, free and open to the public, will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday, May 22 in the school's 1,100-seat auditorium. The hourlong show will blend the students' scientific studies of Newtonian physics with dance and music.

The showstopper is a wild, funny and hilarious number performed to the song “Weird Science,” the 1980s classic by the group Oingo Boingo from the movie of the same name.

That's where the “lab coats” – really just adult-size white dress shirts – come in, said teacher Tina Kovach.

“The idea is that they will look like mad scientists, so we desperately need adult size, button-down white dress shirts,” she said. “We've only got about 20 so far, but we'd like to have one for every student in the performance. They really do look like lab coats when you see them up on stage.”

Facing History New Tech, the high school housed on the third floor of Charles Mooney, has already donated T-shirts for each of the performers to wear for the bulk of the show, and now Kovach is looking to the community for help. Several high school students are also helping out with lighting and sound for the performance.

Kovach and fellow teachers Mark Pohlman , Margaret Ehlinger, Rachal Mann and Lenore Jackson are coordinating the show with Dancing Wheel's Parker.

Kovach and the other teachers have begun a Twitter campaign, tweeting under their school name @MooneyMustangs, to try to come up with enough shirts in time for the show.

“We'll accept donations of any gently used, adult white dress shirts here at the school (3213 Montclair Ave.) or at Dancing Wheels (3615 Euclid Ave.) or even find us online at and email us,” she said.
“We'll come and pick up even one shirt.”