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2014 open houses were a learning experience (video)


CMSD wrapped up three nights of open houses Wednesday, and these were not your old meet-and-greets.

Parents and caregivers received interim progress reports for the first quarter. Those were available because schools started earlier than usual, with most opening Aug. 13.

But the reports were only one chunk in a new avalanche of information that also touched on tougher new Common Core standards to be measured by state tests, Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee, a revised plan for building and refurbishing schools, a ballot issue that would fund the work on buildings and student-based budgeting, a strategy that gives schools control over the bulk of their spending.

The Cleveland Plan, a state-approved blueprint for reform, requires parents and caregivers to have face-to-face contact with their children’s schools by Dec. 15. District officials have sought to make interaction with the schools more meaningful.

The Cleveland Plan is a customized, state-approved blueprint for reforming education in the city. The plan was written into state law.