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    Your voice is essential in identifying the challenges and opportunities in your remote learning experience and in representing families and caregivers across the district. These Remote Learning Surveys will provide vital information that will be used to make decisions about how best to support our scholars and their families when school resumes this year. 

    All surveys are anonymous and no individuals will be identified in any report.



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  • Update from the CEO

    May 25, 2020

    To: Families and Caregivers of CMSD Students:

    Thank you for the many ways you are remaining connected to your child’s school.

    In consideration of what all our families are doing to support students during the closure of Ohio’s schools, I am pleased to provide the District’s first mailed packet of Summer Fun Enrichment activities. Each student household will receive one packet that includes activities for grades PreK–12. These enrichment activities are designed to provide your child with fun opportunities to stay engaged throughout the summer. Packets will be mailed home two times per month. We will also send home books for each student in the District starting in June with enrichment activities you can complete with your child.

    Recognizing that students are used to a consistent school schedule, I strongly encourage you to continue working with your child to develop and maintain a routine at home that will extend his or her learning throughout the summer months. Make time and space for quiet reading and active engagement with your child’ learning packet, and with other materials found online to stimulate curiosity, increase critical thinking skills and enable your child to practice reading.

    Children learn best when instruction is continuous, which is why CMSD educators will continue to produce learning materials to keep students engaged and keep their minds active during the summer months.

    Visit the District’s website at ClevelandMetroSchools.org/LearningOpportunities to access digital versions of the Summer Fun Enrichment Activities.

    Also inside the activities packet is daytime contact information for your schools and a Help Line if your child needs assistance with technology.

    Thank you for the opportunity to emphasize the importance of academic enrichment in your child’s experience, and for the important role you play every day in our shared commitment to the safety, well-being and future of Cleveland’s children. 


    Eric S. Gordon

    Eric S. Gordon 

    EDUCATOR: Chief Executive Officer 

    P.S. CMSD has stressed the importance of participating in the 2020 Census and is turning to students to help spread the word. The Cleveland Foundation is supporting a Census Contest to encourage Clevelanders to complete the 2020 Census by creating a promotional video. Twelve students from grades PreK–12 will be awarded a $200 Visa gift card.


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