• Integrated Art
    The Integrated Arts Department was established in 2016. IA is designed to engage creative scholars by providing students the opportunity to study and experience multiple disciplines.
    Freshmen students will mainly study history and foundations in art and literature. Students in all grades will have the opportunity to participate in art studio classes, guitar lessons, movement workshops and creative writing. In addition, each year has a different theme. For example, throughout the 2017-18 school year, all IA students focused on the art, literature, music and dance of Africa.
    Integrated Arts students will be able to participate in local and national competitions such as Scholastic Art & Writing as well as Academic Decathlon – both of which are perfect additions to college applications.
    If you want to study a little bit of everything and strengthen your overall creativity and sense of self, the Integrated Arts is the major for you! To prepare for the audition, please bring your best artwork samples (independent projects, sketchbooks, school art projects, etc.) and writing (any short stories, poems, essays, etc.) to share with the Integrated Arts team. During the audition, students will draw a still life and write a short story.