• Workers' Compensation


    If you are injured at work:



    • Seek immediate medical attention if needed (see CMSD’s preferred provider list below).
    • Report the incident to your Supervisor and/or Location Designee

    As soon as possible, within 24 hours

    • Complete the Injury and Investigation Report (below) and return it to CMSD’s Workers’ Compensation Department
    • Contact CMSD’s Workers’ Compensation Department at:
      1111 Superior Avenue  -  18th Floor
      Cleveland, Ohio 44114
      • call (216) 838-0326 or (216) 838-0327
      • fax - (216) 777-5300 or (216) 777-5090

    Within 72 hours or three business days

    • You must elect whether or not you wish to participate in CMSD’s Salary/Wage Continuation and Transitional Work Program. Please review the Salary and Wage Election Form (below) for details. CMSD’s Workers’ Compensation Department will explain the program and answer any questions you may have when you contact the department after your work injury.
    • The Salary/Wage Continuation and Transitional Work Program Election Form (below) must be returned to the CMSD’s Workers’ Compensation Department.

    Please Note: To be placed into CMSD’s Salary/Wage Continuation and Transitional Work Program you must seek follow up treatment with a doctor on CMSD’s Preferred Vendor List (below).
    Leave of Absence Forms can be found on the Human Resources webpage.

Workers' Comp Pilot Program for the District

If you are an employee working at one of these schools/locations and are injured at work, please report your injury within 24 hours electronically on the Public School Works website (by clicking on the link).

K-8 Schools
  • Charles Mooney
  • Campus International K-8
  • Denison
  • Dike School of the Arts
  • Halle
  • Hannah Gibbons
  • Joseph M. Gallagher
  • Louis Agassiz
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Luis Muñoz Marín
  • Mound
  • Newton D. Baker School of Arts
  • O.H. Perry
  • Orchard
  • Paul Dunbar
  • Riverside
  • Robinson G. Jones
  • Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy
  • Tremont Montessori
  • Warner Girls Leadership Academy
  • William Rainey Harper
  • Willson
High Schools
  • Bard Early College High School
  • Campus International High school
  • Cleveland Early College High School
  • Cleveland School of Architecture & Design
  • Cleveland School of Science & Medicine
  • East Tech
  • Facing History New Tech
  • Garrett Morgan School of Engineering and Innovation
  • Garrett Morgan School of Leadership and Innovation
  • Ginn Academy
  • Glenville
  • John Adams
  • John F. Kennedy
  • John Marshall High School Campus
  • Lincoln-West School of Global Studies
  • Lincoln-West School of Science & Health
  • Max S. Hayes
  • Rhodes College & Career Academy
  • Rhodes School of Environmental Studies
  • Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy
Other Locations
  • 1111 Superior Avenue, 44114
  • East Professional Center - 1349 East 79th Street Cleveland , OH 44103
  • East 49th Street Bus Depot (also known as Cuyahoga Heights Depot) - 4177 E.49th Street, 44105
  • Lake Center Bus Depot - 870 E.79th Street, 44103

Report electronically on the Public School Works website.

If you are injured at another District school/location, please complete the paperwork below, and follow the timeline above. Do not report your injury electronically.



Workers Compensation Injury Reporting Kit

Workers Comp Injury Reporting Kit started in 2016-2017 school year. Replaces old paper Workers’ Compensation Packet.
Please print out ALL the forms below.