• Introducing the NEW PROCESS for online ordering of CMSD Business Cards

    Principals, Asst. Principals and Secretaries:
    It’s simple and will require your District-issued credit card as the method of payment to finalize your order.
    Central Office Staff:
    It’s simple and will require creating a “one-time department purchase order.” Your department-specific PO number should be used each time a business card order is placed.

    Business card sample
    Vendor and cost information is below for reference:
    - Angstrom Graphics Inc Midwest
    - 250 cards = $20.00/box
    - 500 cards = $32.00/box

    Click the business card at right to start your order.


    Effective November 1, 2018: Business Card orders will be delivered to the CMSD Central Office on the 4th business day of the following month where they will be distributed to staff via inter-office mail.

    Contact Edward Blankenship, marketing & advertising assistant, at 216.838.0087 to address questions or concerns, or send a message to Edward.Blankenship@ClevelandMetroSchools.org