• Introducing the NEW PROCESS for online ordering of CMSD Business Cards

    Principals, Asst. Principals and Secretaries:
    It’s simple and will require your District-issued credit card as the method of payment to finalize your order.
    Central Office Staff:
    It’s simple and will require creating a “one-time department purchase order.” Your department-specific PO number should be used each time a business card order is placed.

    Business card sample
    Vendor and cost information is below for reference:
    - Angstrom Graphics Inc Midwest
    - 250 cards = $20.00/box
    - 500 cards = $32.00/box

    Click the business card at right to start your order.


    Business Card orders will be delivered to the CMSD Central Office on the 4th business day of the following month where they will be distributed to staff via inter-office mail.

    Contact Eileen Simmons at 216.838.0092 to address questions or concerns, or send a message to Eileen.Simmons@ClevelandMetroSchools.org