•  Program Overview 

    The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) cyber security awareness and training program helps to educate district employees and students about the many potential information technology threats and vulnerabilities. The program informs staff and students about the policies and procedures for the acceptable use of technology within the district.  It also provides them with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities to assist the district in the protection of information, privacy, and data systems.

  • Security Tips

    • DO use different passwords for different accounts. If one password gets hacked, your other accounts are not compromised.
    • DO keep your passwords or passphrases confidential. 
    • DO be aware of your surroundings when printing, copying, faxing or discussing sensitive information. Pick up information from printers, copiers or faxes in a timely manner. 
    • DON'T share your password(s) with others. 
    • DON'T write your passwords down. You are responsible for all activities associated with your credentials.
    • DON'T post any private or sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords or other private information, on public sites, including social media sites.
    • DON'T send password(s) through email unless authorized to do so. 
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