• Tri-C Parent University Learning Series
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    FREE College Classes for Parents/Caregivers







    CMSD has partnered with Cuyahoga Community College to offer an exciting opportunity for parents and caregivers who want to pursue a college degree or take college level classes. These classes meet once a week for 14 weeks and require reading, class assignments, projects and tests.  They are being provided to parents and caregivers of students enrolled in a CMSD school at no cost. Credit earned can be used towards a 2 or 4 year degree.

    Classes run for a 14-week session (9/14/21 - 12/14/21) and are limited to 15 participants each.

    Classes meet every Tuesday for 14 weeks from 4:00 p.m. to 6:50 pm.  First class is Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

    Textbooks and materials provided at no charge.

    Snacks and RTA bus tickets provided.

    No child care available at this time.

    COVID-19 SAFETY PROCEDURES WILL BE FOLLOWED. Participants and staff must wear properly fitting masks at all times.  Hand sanitizer will be provided and rooms will be well ventilated with social distancing.

    Participants should have basic or proficient computer skills, access to a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, internet access, and be able to navigate the internet. 

    If you need assistance with a getting device or internet connectivity please contact Tracy Hill, Executive Director of FACE. 216.838.0331 or tracy.hill@clevelandmetroschools.org.



    Creative Parenting Skills


    2 credit hours


    Strategies for Success


    3 credit hours



    Medical Terminology 

    3 credit hours


    Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication

    3 credit hours

    Course applies a developmental framework in examining theoretical approaches to the process of parenting. Explores expectations, influences, and strategies of parenting with focus on attitudes and behaviors. Topics include facilitating the parent-child relationship from birth through adolescence, parenting techniques, adaptions of the traditional family structure, contemporary discipline techniques, and community resources. These topics will be addressed within the context of cultural diversity.



    Information and methods helpful for student success. Planning, time management, communication skills, relationships, memory, reading comprehension and retention, note taking, and test taking techniques. Stress management and techniques for overcoming test anxiety will be practiced. Diversity, college resources, and learning styles will be explored.




    Terminology utilized by health care professionals. Emphasis on correct spelling, definition, and pronunciation. Usage of basic and complex medical terms related to the body, and to the musculoskeletal, digestive, respiratory, urinary, female reproductive, male reproductive and cardiovascular systems. Proficient use of medical dictionary emphasized.





    Define and explain basic terms, principles, and theories of interpersonal communication. Examine and adjust communication behaviors with the goal of improving one's own communication skills. Critically apply interpersonal theories in a variety of contexts and demonstrate an understanding of following aspects of interpersonal relationships: verbal, nonverbal, listening, perception, conflict, power, influence, and culture. 




    Almira School

    3375 W. 99th Street

    Cleveland, Ohio  44102

    Albert B. Hart School

    3900 E. 75th Street

    Cleveland, Ohio 44105

    Harvey Rice School

    2730 E. 116th Street

    Cleveland, Ohio 44120

    Robinson G. Jones School

    4550 W. 150th Street

    Cleveland, Ohio 44135



    Call the FACE office for questions or more information. 216.838.0331.