• Expectations

    Hello Parents/Gaudians

    My students are always reminded of my expectations in the classroom.  There are a few that I would like to emphasize to be high on my list of abused.

    1. Safety

    (no seat surfing, no running, and care of all art materials)

    2.No cell phones! My moto is "Off and away or taken away"

    I stop students at door everyday and have them check, "are you ready for class" by making sure all earbuds and cell phones are put away but they are still coming out please remind your child that they are a distraction and need to be put away (not on the table or under a bookbag) and silenced.

    3. No food or drink

    Is still being abused and alot is due to the students crossing the street and buying at the gas station before they get to school


    4. Progressive discipline

    a. Warning

    b. Move seat

    c. Writting assignment/call home

    d. referall to office