• Euclid Park's Boy's Basketball Team
    Basketball practice has begun and the team is open to any 7th-8th grade boy who maintains eligibility. 
    Basketball practices will be held in the Euclid Park gym every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 2:30-4:00 p.m. 
    Our 2018 Winter BasketBall Schedule
    11/19 @ 3:30-Dike CSA vs. Euclid Park (home game)
    11/26 @ 3:30-Anton Grndina vs. Euclid Park (home game)
     11/28 @ 3:30-Kenneth Clement vs. Euclid Park (home game)
     12/3 @ 3:30-A.J. Rickoff vs.Euclid Park (home game)
      12/5 @ 3:30-Mary B.Martin vs.Euclid Park (home game)
    12/10 @ 3:30-Wade Park vs.Euclid Park (home game)
    12/12 @ 3:30-FDR vs.Euclid Park (home game)
    12/19 @ 3:30- Euclid Park vs.G.W Carver (away game)
    1/9 @ 3:30-Euclid Park vs. Memorial (away game)
    1/11 @ 3:30-O.H. Perry vs.Euclid Park (home game)
    1/14 @ 3:30-Case vs.Euclid Park (home game)
    1/16 @ 3:30-Euclid Park vs.Daniel Morgan (away game)
    1/23 @ 3:30-Euclid Park vs. Patrick Henry (away game)
    1/25 @ 3:30-Euclid Park vs. East Clark (away game)
    For additional information, please contact Mr. Ryan Frank