• Uniform Policy

    Shirts/Tops: Blouses with collars, Polo shirts, Oxford shirts, and turtlenecks. No hoods and all shirts must be tucked in. Solid Colors: Navy blue, light blue, white and yellow only. No insignia or logos.

    Bottoms / Pants: Cotton twill, dress or corduroy material. No jeans, sweat suit material; Females may wear slacks, knee-length or longer skirts, jumpers, shorts and skorts. Males may wear pants or knee length shorts (of appropriate material noted above). Solid Colors: Dark blue, navy, black , Khaki or tan. BELTS are required for all bottoms with belt loops. Solid Colors: Black, navy, light or dark brown. No insignias or logos on the belts.

    Sweaters: Cardigans, pullovers or vests Solid Colors: Black, Navy or white.

    Headgear: No headgear, including but not limited to: scarves, hats, rags or wraps.

    Find uniform coupons on the District site.


    For uniform assistance, please contact the school office at 216-838-9850.

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