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  • CSA Student Honor their Heroes at Annual Breakfast



    At the Cleveland School of the Arts this morning, breakfast was made for heroes. More than 80 students invited a person who has had an impact on their lives as a way to say, “Thank you.”  

    Shaunquitta Walker, the CSA Parent Advisory Committee chairperson, says the breakfast was started four years ago so students could honor that special someone in their lives, and the person may not be a parent.  

    “We normally have Muffins with Mom or Donuts with Dad, but in today’s society some students are not with their biological parents, they are with a relative, caregiver or in a foster home situation,” said Walker. “This gives students an opportunity to tell the ones they love how much they appreciate them for the sacrifices they made.” 

    Tony Crump, an advisory committee member, says the most important part of the program for him is when students tell their heroes why they are so important.  

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  • 10/09/2018:
    Promoting School Breakfast with the Cleveland Browns at East Clark
    Cleveland Browns player T.J. Carrie along with Chomps, the Cleveland Browns mascot, visited East Clark Elementary School to promote school breakfast! During their assembly, they also promoted Fuel Up to Play 60, a nutritional wellness program. The show included a dance competition and an energizing breakfast race. The students were excited to participate and ask T.J. various questions, including "What is your favorite breakfast?" and "What sports did you play when you were little?" After the show concluded, a smaller group of students were invited to the reception room where they ate breakfast with T.J., took photos and signed a breakfast pledge. Check out photos from the event below! 

  • 09/02/2018:
    Sparkling ICE Sampling at James Ford Rhodes and Ginn Academy   
    The Sparkling ICE team headed out James Ford Rhodes and Ginn Academy to sample two flavors of their carbonated beverage. Students were offered both Strawberry Kiwi and Black Cherry, and were encouraged to toss their cups in the "Like" or "Dislike" bins. At the end of each sample session, the "Like"bin was almost filled to the brim! As a result, we may soon be offering Sparkling ICE as an a la carte option in our high schools. Take a look at pictures from the event below!

  • 02/26/2018:
    Jamaican Meat Pie Sampling at Joseph Gallagher School   
    We spent the morning at Joseph Gallagher sampling a nutritious lunch to all the K-8 students. The meal included a tasty mild beef Jamaican-style pie, crispy yuca steak cut fries and sweet ripe plaintain slices. Take a look at pictures from the event below!