Make good decisions
  • Classroom Behavior System

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Keep all personal electronic devices PUT AWAY!
    • Be RESPONSIBLE for your own learning
    • RESPECT the teacher, the classroom, school and other students
    • Wear proper dress code EVERYDAY
    • Be on time, on task and prepared to learn every day

     Incentives: When expectation for behaviors are being met, the following rewards may occur…

    • Positive feedback/prizes from teachers
    • Free time on Fridays
    • Sit with a friend in class
    • Positive phone call home
    • Student of Month
    • Participate in special activities and field trips 

    Interventions: When behavior is inappropriate the following consequences will occur…

    1. Verbal Reminder about Expectations
    2. 2nd Verbal Reminder/Warning (opportunity to refocus)
    3. Write up in Citizenship Book
    4. A phone call home will be made after 3 write ups in Citizenship Book
    5. After 5 or more write ups students will be assigned a day in the Planning Center, conference with parent/guardian, and loss of eligibility for field trips.

    ***Violence and/or threating remarks will be an automatic office referral. Consequences for behavior will be decide by Principal/Vice Principal.***